The GLS Innovative Legal Technology Fund

In addition to developing our own 'optimally efficient' legal solutions we also provide seed funding to those who share our belief in the potential of technology-enabled legal solutions. In 2022 we have committed up to US$5,000,000 to fund promising technology enabled-legal solutions with those share our commitment to 'optimal efficiency'.

We are seeking to drive a much needed paradigm shift in the legal industry towards widely accessible 'optimally efficient' legal services - to make quality legal services affordable across the board. We are committed to being a primary catalytic agent for the development of a culture of innovation within the legal industry - the Silicon Valley of technology-based innovation in the legal industry.


We believe that the more people engage in the development of innovative legal solutions, the better the legal industry will become. If you have been working with ideas on how technology can deliver a 'better', 'faster' and 'cheaper' legal service experience, we would like to hear from you.

Collaboration Options

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