GLS Launches GLS Legal Templates


GLS Launches GLS Legal Templates

Libraries of Online Automated Documents

12 minutes • 04 Jan 19


Contracts are the essential record of what parties agree and yet most end up signed, filed and forgotten - and usually reflect a painful, tedious and expensive contracting process.

On the other hand, the contracting process that starts with a really well written contract can deliver real 'business enabling' benefits to the parties including:

GLS has launched Legal Templates so that businesses can achieve the kind of efficient contracting process that genuinely helps businesses to get transactions done better, faster, safer and cheaper.

GLS Legal Docs™ is another demonstration by the GLS Group of how combining technology and legal content can eliminate the barriers that deny businesses access to world class legal support.

In this article we will introduce Legal Templates and examine:

We would also like to invite you to try Legal Templates for free - with a single click - and experience document automation in 4 languages.


GLS delivers access to an online, curated and automated library of 70+ world class legal documents that address the most common commercial transactions faced by businesses globally.

This is not just a traditional precedent library - this is an automated library of precedents that will draft, edit and amend themselves into the contract/policy document/legal document that reflects your preferences!

Legal Templates allows any business anywhere to generate a world class legal document at a fraction of the cost that a traditional law firm would charge for the same.

Legal Templates operates on proprietary contracting automation software, into which the GLS Group has invested millions of dollars of contracting IP and decades of “best practice” knowledge.

Our technology works by guiding users through a short online interview that extracts the user’s legal preferences and commercial objectives.

These preferences and objectives/data points are then used to automatically generate a world class first draft of the desired agreement.

Each document in the Legal Templates library has been engineered with a total commitment to “contracting process efficiency” by experts with decades of experience at the world’s best law firms.

Legal Templates isn’t just about rapid first drafts – it’s about producing quality documents that drive the realisation of time, cost and quality efficiencies throughout the contracting process and project.

Each Legal Template also comes with a 30-minute consultation with a world class legal advisor whose sole remit is to ensure that the user’s goals for the document and/or project are realised.

Available 24/7/365, each document in GLS Legal Docs™ is constantly updated to keep in line with GLS’ own “best practice standard” at a price point that is a fraction of what would be charged by a traditional law firm.  


Top quality first drafts of legal documents contribute to a “business enabling” contracting process that allows a business to experience the following:


Poor quality legal documents create significant time, cost and quality inefficiencies. Indeed, bad first drafts are notoriously hard to recover from.

The spill-over consequences of poor quality first-drafts are often greater than what most people will ever imagine, and include:

Beyond all of the above, poor drafts may often end-up becoming entirely redundant as their densely packed legalese typically ends up simply not being read by anyone in the business beyond the legal team.

Put simply, if you do not start with a top quality first draft then you are denying your project a 'business enabling' contracting experience.

For the in-house lawyer, the following could hinder the production of a high-quality first draft:

Legal Templates: for a totally inconsequential price point, allows businesses to mitigate all of these challenges and drives a contracting process that is genuinely “business enabling”.


A good agreement that positively adds to project or goal realisation, as well as proactively drives contracting process efficiencies, has the following characteristics:


Each and every Legal Template strictly observes these world class drafting principles and in so doing delivers a document that can help you drive contracting process efficiencies.

To illustrate, below is an excerpt from a template: 


For the GLS Group, as legal industry disruptors, making world class legal support available at a fraction of the cost charged by our competitors is just what we do – it is our business model, and we embrace it.

For the traditional legal industry, however,  the achieving the GLS position is less palatable as time sensitive complexity has historically been what drives the profitability of their time-based engagement model.

‘Long winded discussion over whether the ’quick brown fox jumped over the log' or whether ‘the log was jumped over by the quick brown fox’ have long proved irresistibly profitable for many lawyers' 

However, in an era of abundantly available efficiency technologies, traditional law firms must necessarily re-evaluate their relationship with the contracting process if they are to survive.

GLS believes that:

Traditional law firms may find these observations threatening – but GLS feels that these principles serve to make our industry more accessible to clients and allows lawyers to return to a genuine “trusted advisory” role.

Our Legal Templates are making world class legal documents available so that deals can run faster and smoother, and client resources can be spent on genuine “advice” rather than mere document production.


Automated document libraries, such as our Legal Template, mean that legal documents can:


To show how Legal Templates delivers world class legal documents cost effectively and quickly, GLS now allows anyone, anywhere to try creating an NDA, entirely for free!

Whilst enjoying this free trial, note that this “garden variety” legal contract is often produced by traditional law firms for USD$500+….

Within seconds of completing an online interview, a world class NDA will be delivered to you, entirely prepared and ready for use – and in any of the 4 languages that GLS currently offers.

A user’s experience of this NDA trial exactly replicates what is experienced by users of our Legal Templates - i.e. it shows how easy it is to achieve speed, cost savings and quality efficiencies all at once!

To reinforce the power of technology-enabled service delivery, GLS will release the NDA trial experience in as many as 8 languages, with Danish, Mandarin, French and Spanish to follow soon.


Our Legal Templates are merely the tip of the contracting efficiency iceberg.

Whilst a superb legal template drives massive contracting process efficiencies, that process can be optimised even further.

To enable such optimisation, GLS offers a range of products that assists in-house legal teams to embed efficiencies throughout their business’s systems.

These products including:


These solutions can all be found in our industry leading, legal operations centre: